Fall 2015 Reminders

Some reminders for this fall:

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Meeting Minutes – August, 2015

Meeting Minutes from August, 2015


Swimming Pool Rules and Skateboarding and Bicycling in Parking lot

To All Owners:

It has come to the attention of Management that with warm weather comes heavy use of the swimming pool. Per the rules of The Garrison, owners MUST accompany their children and guests to the pool and STAY with their guests and children at the pool at all times! Due to no lifeguards being at the pool, for everyone’s safety and per the rules, owners must stay at the pool with their children and guests at all times. If the owner needs to leave for some reason, then their children and guests must also leave until such time the owner returns to the pool and then the children and guest may return.

Please observe this rule as it is extremely important not only for you and your children and guests, but for everyone who resides at The Garrison.

Further, we have observed children skateboarding and riding bicycles around the property and around the parking lot. Again, this is against the property rules and for the safety for those who are riding their bicycles and/or skateboards, this must stop. You can use the tennis court (if not in use) to skateboard or ride the bicycles but you must refrain from using the parking lot as a source to ride these items.

If we identify anyone mi-using these rules going forward, you will be subject to warnings and future fines. The rules are very clear about the use of the pool and signs are visibly displayed about NO Skateboarding so please abide by them for your safety and the safety of the owners that live at The Garrison!

Thank you.

Insurance Letter to Residents – 2015

Below is a link to the insurance letter to residents for 2015.

Insurance letter to residents – Updated 2015

Meeting Minutes – June, 2015

Meeting minutes from June, 2015


2015 Annual Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes from the 2015 Annual meeting on 04/07/2015


2015 Annual Meeting

In accordance with the By-Laws of THE GARRISON CONDOMINIUM ASSOCIATION, the ANNUAL MEETING will take place as described below.

DATE: Tuesday, April 7, 2015
TIME: Meeting will begin promptly at 6:30pm to 8:15pm. Registration will begin at 6:00pm
PLACE: Dover, NH, Public Library located at 73 Locust Street

Two (2) members of the Board of Directors is to be elected at this meeting. The members whose terms expire this year are Peter Rose and Steve Shackford. Peter and Steve will be seeking re-election for the next term so if anyone else is interested in submitting their interest to run for a board position we encourage you to send in your request prior to the meeting. The candidates that are nominated will serve a three year consecutive term. For those wishing to run for a position on the board should submit their intention via email or letter no later than April 1, 2015 to the Property Manager, Steven Miller. The names of each candidate and any additional information the candidates (if anyone does submit their intention to run) provided will be announced at the Annual meeting prior to the vote. Candidates will present their request for nomination at the Annual meeting before ballots are handed out and voting takes place. You can email Steve at steve@maguiremanagement.com to submit your intention to run for a board position. Nominations will also be taken from attendees at the floor at the time of the meeting.

Each member of the Association is entitled to one (1) vote for each condominium unit owned. A checklist for all voting owners will be available for sign-in the evening of April 7th. Only deed owners of the units are allowed to vote so if you are not a deed owner or don’t have a power-of-attorney to cast the vote, we ask that you inform the board and manager of this prior to the commencement of the meeting.

Included in this mailing is a copy of the 2015-16 budget. The board has approved the budget and have kept the condo fee the same as in the current year. There will not be any fee increase in 2015-16.

A proxy is enclosed for those owners not able to attend but wishing to have their fellow owners vote on the election. Proxies are to be submitted to the Management Company before the convening of the Annual Meeting and mailed to S.S. Maguire Management, P.O. Box 165, Hampton, NH 03843. An agenda and proxy is also enclosed for your review.

Thank you!

Charlene Courtemanche and Kara Barnes-Allaire, Co-Presidents Board of Directors

The Garrison Condominium Association – 2015 Agenda

The Garrison Condominium Association – Proxy

Meeting Minutes – March, 2015

Meeting Minutes for March, 2015.

March 2015 Meeting Minutes

December 2014 Meeting Minutes

Meeting minutes for December, 2014

Meeting Minutes

Christmas Tree Removal – Wednesday, January 7, 2015

To All Owners and Tenants:

Please be advised that on Wednesday, January 7, 2015, Pace’s Tree Service will be onsite to pick-up, chip, and remove from the property all Christmas trees that are placed at the entrance to the dog walking area. Just drop off your tree the weekend of January 3rd and we will have it removed for you.

Any resident and/or tenant that would like to discard their tree prior to January 7th, please make sure it is discarded off the property and not into the property rubbish container. If your tree is identified in the rubbish container, there will be a fine imposed to you for not properly discarding your tree.

In order to avoid this problem, please place your Christmas tree at the entrance to the dog walking area no earlier than Friday, January 2nd, 2015 or anytime during that weekend in order for them to pick up the trees on Wednesday, January 7th. No trees should be placed in this area prior to January 2nd.

If there are any questions, please feel free to call the Management Office at 603.868.1262.

Thank you!