Meeting Minutes – March, 2014

March 2014 Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes – January, 2014

January 2014 Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes for August, September, and November 2013

Meeting Minutes for August, September, and November 2013

August 2013 Meeting Minutes

September 2013 Meeting Minutes

November 2013 Meeting Minutes

Winter Tree Pruning Program at The Garrison –January 28-31, 2014

TO: Owners and Tenants Residing at The Garrison Condominiums
FROM: S.S. Maguire Management
DATE: January 13, 2014

To All Owners and Tenants:

Beginning on Tuesday, January 28th through Friday, January 31st, 2014 at The Garrison, Urban Tree Service will be onsite to perform tree trimming services in various areas throughout the complex (weather permitting).

The tree trimming program is based on an annual maintenance program. Trees being worked on are defined as Ornamentals, Birches, Maples, Arborvitaes, and Pines. All shrubbery will be addressed during the summer months by the landscaping company.

Tree Services will begin around 8:00am each day so please make note of it in your calendars!

Please make note of this in your calendar!

We kindly request that you please not request individual service to the technicians for your own trees while they are onsite as it will cause the overall services to be delayed and increase the cost of the tree work. If you have specific questions and/or requests, please email them to the Property Manager at or call the office at 603.868.1262.

Thank you!

Christmas Tree Removal – Monday, January 6, 2014

TO: Owners and Tenants Residing at The Garrison Condominiums
FROM: S.S. Maguire Management
DATE: December 17, 2013

To All Owners and Tenants:

Please be advised that on Monday, January 6, 2014, Pace’s Tree Service will be onsite to pick-up, chip, and remove from the property all Christmas trees that are placed at the entrance to the dog walking area. Just drop off your tree the weekend of January 3rd we will have it removed for you.

Any resident and/or tenant that would like to discard their tree prior to January 6th make sure it is discarded off the property and not into the property rubbish container. If your tree is identified in the rubbish container, there will be a fine imposed to you for not properly discarding your tree.

In order to avoid this problem, please place your Christmas tree at the entrance to the dog walking area no earlier than Friday, January 3rd order for them to pick up the trees on Monday, January 6th this area prior to January 3rd.

If there are any questions, please feel free to call the Management Office at 603.868.1262.

Thank you!

September 2013 Meeting Minutes

September 2013 Meeting Minutes

New Pet Policy for Pet Waste Management

TO: Owners and Residents of The Garrison Condominium Association
FROM: S.S. Maguire Management
RE: New Pet Policy for Pet Waste Management
Date: September 6, 2013

In our continuing efforts to improve property values and enhance the curb appeal of The Garrison Condominium property, the Board of Directors and Management has spent considerable time discussing the guidelines for pet ownership and the overwhelming violation of pet waste policies. All guidelines have been designed to help protect your investment, address resident concerns and improve the safety and quality of living for residents in our community.

As you may know, condominium rules and regulations require each pet owner to pick up their dog’s waste and use the pet area located near the front of the property. Despite continued reminders and the warning of fines for not picking up pet waste, residents are not following the rules we have in place. During recent walks through the property, unscooped dog waste was visible and consistent with complaints we have received at the management office. Unscooped waste is unsightly and a health hazard for residents/dogs that may come in contact with it. Overall, the mess left behind in unnecessary.

Therefore, the Board of Directors have approved the implementation of a DNA dog program that will be in effect immediately. The newly approved rules and regulations that are in place are as follows: Management will be working closely with a company called PETPrints USA ( to set up a database of dog DNA samples – this will require residents to set up an appointment at one of the following mandatory pet days to have your dog’s DNA saliva sampled:

Monday, October 14, 2013 – between the hours of 9:00am – 12:00pm
Saturday October 19, 2013 – between the hours of 9:00am – 12:00pm

A sign-up sheet will be posted at the mail house beginning Monday, September 16th through Monday, October 7th to allow you ample time to place your name in the respective slot. Appointments are available every 10 minutes for each dog. If you have multiple dogs you will need to set up multiple appointments. The place where these test swabs will be taken will be at the tennis court area (rain or shine) and will require every occupant of a unit that owns a dog at The Garrison to have their dog tested. This only pertains to dogs as cats are not included in this program.

Keep food away from your pet for at least one hour prior to your appointment.

If you have multiple dogs, they must be separated for more than one hour before testing to avoid cross contamination of the DNA. This means you will need to make one appointment per pet.

Payment is expected at the time of your appointment in the amount of $59.95 per dog, made payable to The Garrison Condominium Association. Checks are the only accepted means of payment and must be presented at the time of the appointment. If payment is not made, fines will be implemented as noted below.

The process is then very simple. Bring your dog to the tennis court area where you will swab your pet with the provided cheek swabs. PETPrints USA will submit the DNA sample and will register your dog(s) with the DNA World Pet Registry.

Once this policy is in place, any pet waste found on The Garrison property will be collected and analyzed against the DNA samples within The Garrison property database. PETPrints USA (working with Bio Pet Vet Lab in Knoxville, TN) will notify management of the offending violator.

If a resident violates the new pet policy and/or does not set up an appointment to have their pet tested on either assigned dates, the following fines will be incurred:

• If you do not set up an appointment on either dates (i.e. no-show), you will be fined $100. If you do not have your dog(s) tested after the first thirty (30) days from the last scheduled appointment, you will be fined $200. After each thirty (30) days you do not have your dog tested, you will be fined an additional $300 for each 30 days thereafter.
• If a residents dog waste is identified by the lab as a violation for the first violation, the resident will be responsible for not only the lab fee of $50.00 but will be assessed an additional fine of $100 for the first offense.
• If a second violation occurs, the resident will be responsible for the lab fee of $50 but will also be assessed an additional $200 for the second offense.
• If a third violation occurs, the residents will be responsible for the lab fee of $50 but will also be assessed an additional $300 for the third offense.
• If a fourth violation occurs, not only will the resident be responsible for the lab fee of $50, but a lien will be placed on your unit plus another $300 fine.

Management understands the likelihood that a small number of pet owners are to blame for the current situation, however, this new policy will help identify those residents and curb the violations.

Thank you for your cooperation in this matter and for helping us keep The Garrison a beautiful and clean community for our residents.

August, 2013 Meeting Minutes

Meeting minutes from the August 2013 Board of Directors meeting.

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Meeting Minutes – 04-02-2013

Present: Charlene Courtemanche, Dan Allaire, Peter Rose, Linda Ouellette, Steve Miller
Absent: Steve Shackford
Garrison Board of Directors Meeting called to order at 7:06 pm.

• Management presented the financials to the board for review. Board approved Financials 4-0.
• Garrison is currently $20,000 under budget.
• Management proposed a budget for FY13. Board approved the FY13 budget 4-0.
• Garrison has enough funds in reserve to pay for the paving
• Condo dues will remain the same for another year.


• Changing Places has decided not to develop the Taylor property after the zoning board denied changing the zoning to allow for additional units.
• Cost of paving will be $53,000.
• The pool will be opening the week of May 13th. Cleanings will be Mondays and Fridays.
• New pool furniture has been ordered.
• Landscapers will walk around the property with Management on April 15th
• Front entrance sign refurbish has been tabled to a later date.
• Final winter clean up will take place the week of April 7th
• Management working on receiving quotes for new shutters.


• New chains will be ordered and installed at the front entrance.
• At the annual meeting there will be a vote to proceed with the next phase of paving.
• Two board members term of service has expired. One member has decided not to run for reelection and one member has decided to run for re-election at the annual meeting.
• Board reviewed the annual meeting agenda.

Meeting adjourned at 8:47 pm.

Next meeting – Annual meeting 4/23 at 7:00, at the McConnell Center.

Minutes submitted by Dan Allaire, Acting Secretary.

Animal Waste at The Garrison

To All Owners and Tenants:

As we approach the summer season, we wanted to remind owners and tenants that it has been observed and noted that there are several areas around the property where owners have not picked up after their dog and left their waste on the grass outside of the dog walk area. We have also observed that residents that use the pet walk area are not picking up after their dog and leaving the waste where responsible dog owners properly discard their waste. Areas behind units 29-35, behind units 50-62, the top of the hill across from unit 62, and behind units 12-20 are areas where we have observed dog waste on the grass and not picked up by the owners. Over the years we have sent out numerous correspondences to all residents to respect everyone’s interest in the overall appearances of the property by picking up after your pet. Many Associations ban pets mainly because of this reason of pet owners not picking up after their pet. It is essential that those residents pick up so it doesn’t ruin the privilege for the pet owners who do pick up after their pet.

Picking up another unit owners dog waste from the lawn area is not the boards or management’s responsibility. In an effort to support the clean and healthy appearances of the property and to make sure the money we all pay in condo fees is being put to good use, we want to remind everyone to treat the property with respect and care.

Management has presented an option to curtail this issue by using a third party vendor to provide assistance in collecting each pets DNA and keeping it on file. If this problem continues, the board has agreed to implement a DNA program whereby all pet owners on property will be required to provide DNA samples of their pet to Management and the third party vendor. As part of this program, if waste is observed, Management will send this waste to a lab to be tested. Once tested and the pet is identified, the owner will be responsible not only for the DNA test (which could run from $50 to $100), but will also be fined up to $200 per incident. We understand that this fine is quite excessive, but we also believe it fits an excessive violation.

We urge all residents to be vigilant about making sure all residents and tenants follow the pet rules so everyone can enjoy the wonderful community at The Garrison. Please also remember to keep your pets leashed at all times when outside as the leash law is in effect.

We would like to thank you in advance for your cooperation and for doing your part to be a good neighbor by showing respect to the common grounds.

If you have any questions about this, please call Steve Miller of SS Maguire Management at (603) 828-1262 or e-mail us at