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Power Washing of Vinyl Siding on all buildings, Staining of Decks 1-21, and painting of front doors and garage doors at The Garrison

To All Owners and Tenants:

Please be advised that beginning on Monday, August 29th through Friday, September 16th, Silver Brothers Painting and Carpentry will be onsite to perform the following services at The Garrison Condos:

• Power Washing all vinyl siding on all buildings which includes the front, back, gable ends of buildings, front of garages, and gable ends of garages (basically anywhere there is vinyl siding it will be power washed and cleaned)
• Power washing of rear decks on units 1-21 which also includes the staining of the deck, handrails, and deck stairs (it is crucial that these units owner remove all patio furniture prior to work commencing and advanced notice will be provided)
• Scraping, sanding, and painting of all front doors on all 62 units (paint color will remain the same as it is now)
• Scraping, sanding, and painting of all garage doors on all 62 units (paint color will remain the same as it is now)

The first project will be the power washing of the vinyl siding of the buildings which will commence (weather permitting) on Monday, August 29th at 8:30am. It will be critical that all windows are closed and screens taken out during the power washing process so they are not damaged. This is the unit owner’s responsibility. The staining of decks, painting of front doors and garages will follow soon thereafter so it is very important that all unit owners be aware of when their front door and garage door will be painted and decks stained. You will be notified by the painters in advance when they will be at your front door and/or garage door (typically the day before) so you can unlock these doors so they can paint the entire door. The unit owners having their decks stained will be responsible for removing all deck items prior to painters arriving. If you plan to go away during this time, please let your neighbor(s) aware so they can make sure your front door and garage door are unlocked so they can work on them.

If weather plays a role in delaying any of the above mentioned projects the projects will role into the week of September 19th, but it is our goal to have all projects completed by September 16th.

If there are any questions regarding these projects, please feel free to call the Management Office at 603.868.1262.

Thank you!