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Reminder of Winter Parking Rules and Removal of Air Conditioners from Windows

The Board of Directors at The Garrison Condominiums and S.S. Maguire Management would like to remind all residents and tenants at The Garrison of the winter parking rules and regulations.Effective as of December 1, 2011 through April 15, 2012, all residents and tenants need to be prepared and aware that they will need to relocate their vehicles during a snow storm.  Per the Rules and Regulations of The Garrison Condominiums, in order to facilitate a seamless snow removal process, all unit owners and tenants will be asked to relocate their vehicles during a snow storm or be subject to towing and/or fines.  It is imperative that all unit owners be prepared and aware of when a snow storm is coming so we can remove the snow properly.  The snow removal company has been authorized to honk their horns when on property so as to make everyone aware that it is time to relocate your vehicle(s).

For those of you who may be on vacation or away for a period of time and a snow storm is expected, we ask that you provide your keys to a neighbor so they can relocate your vehicle for you during a snow storm.  Here are a few pointers for you to follow:

  • If a snow storm occurs during the evening, please leave your vehicles in the deeded/marked spaces for your specific unit until you hear the honking from the snow contractor.  Upon hearing the horn, you will relocate your vehicle(s) to the main roadway which would have been cleared by then.
  • If a snow storm occurs during the day and you are home, please wait until you hear the honking of the horn from the snow contractor and then relocate your vehicle(s) to the main roadway.
  • If a snow storm occurs overnight, the snow contractor will clear the main roadways so you can leave for work.  Upon hearing the horn in the morning (horn will not be sounded prior to 7am), you will be asked to relocate your vehicle(s) to the main roadway.
  • If you do not relocate your vehicle(s) when requested, your vehicle will be subject to being towed and/or fined (please refer to rules and regulations on fine amounts) by the Association and all expenses borne upon the owner of the vehicle.  Please do not leave your vehicle(s) on the main roads during the overnight as it makes it very difficult to plow properly and will most likely be towed at the owners expense.
  • Please remove any all items from your rear decks during the winter season as they are not a source of storage and should be properly placed inside your unit

We would also like to remind you that per the rules and regulations, Air Conditioners must be removed from all windows by November 1 (unless you have provided management a medical notice).  Fines and penalties will apply if air conditioners are in windows after November 1.