Monthly Archives: May 2012

Paving Repair Work – May 14th to 18th

At the 2012 Annual Meeting which took place on April 24, 2012, copies of the end of year (EOY) 2011-12 financials as well as the 2012-13 approved budget were distributed to the attendees. We have enclosed copies of these reports within this mailing for your review and file.

Further, please be advised that beginning on Monday, May 14th and for the entire week beginning everyday at 7:00am, we will be performing asphalt maintenance. The asphalt maintenance project will begin directly after unit 25 garage door and around the corner to the side of unit 31 garage door. It will incorporate excavating the entire paved area within this specified area including the walkways (units 21-32 will be most affected) to the units but not the landing or concrete steps. Beginning on Monday the project will commence by excavating the roadway and walkways, followed by placing the base course down, the binder course, and lastly the top coat which is planned to occur on Thursday (weather permitting). On Friday, May 18th we will have the parking lines re-striped in the same manner and consistency they are now. The line striping paint will dry within a few hours so you will be able to park in your assigned spaces by mid-afternoon on Friday, May 18th.

During the construction period there will be limited to no access to these areas during the daytime. You will have access to your units but there will be limited to no vehicular traffic during the day when the project is going on. All vehicles must be removed from the parking areas no later than 7:00am each day during construction but can return to its assigned parking areas after 5pm each day. However, during the day we will be monitoring any traffic and limiting access to this work area. Please be patient and cautious when entering and exiting this area during this time period while we are making these repairs.

We apologize for this inconvenience but these repairs are necessary and as part of our ongoing commitment to our capital project plan and to improve the parking facility and roadway at The Garrison.

If there are any questions regarding the paving project, please feel free to call the Management Office at 603.868.1262. Thank you!

Gutter Cleaning – 05/05/2012

On Saturday, May 5, 2012 at The Garrison Condominiums, Ron Potter Gutter Cleaning
will be onsite all day to perform gutter cleaning services on units 1-44. They will be
focusing their time on the backside gutters due to the proximity to the tree line but they
will also perform work on the front corners where pine needles and leaves tend to collect.

Gutter Cleaning Services will begin around 8:00am that day so please make note of it in
your calendars!

We kindly request that you please not make any special requests to the technicians for
your gutters while they are onsite as it will cause the overall services to be delayed and
increase the cost of the work. If you have specific questions and/or requests, please email
them to the Property Manager at or call the office at

Thank you!