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Tree Pruning Program – October 2-5, 2012

To All Owners and Tenants:

Beginning on Tuesday, October 2nd through Friday, October 5th, 2012 at The Garrison, Urban Tree Service will be onsite to perform tree trimming services in various areas throughout the complex (weather permitting).

The tree trimming program is based on an annual maintenance program. Trees being worked on are defined as Ornamentals, Birches, Maples, Arborvitaes, and Pines. All shrubbery will be addressed during the summer months by the landscaping company.

Tree Services will begin around 8:00am each day so please make note of it in your calendars!

Please make note of this in your calendar!

We kindly request that you please not request individual service to the technicians for your own trees while they are onsite as it will cause the overall services to be delayed and increase the cost of the tree work. If you have specific questions and/or requests, please email them to the Property Manager at or call the office at 603.868.1262.

Thank you!

Dryer Vent Cleaning/Rear Deck Power Washing and Staining/Insurance Updates/House Keeping Updates

To All Owners:

Please be advised that there will be several projects going on at The Garrison Condos in the days, weeks, and months ahead that we wanted to provide you an update. The following projects are as follows:

Dryer Vent Cleaning – On Thursday, Sept. 13th and Friday, Sept. 14th, Tri-State Fire Protection will be performing dryer vent cleaning on all units beginning at 8:00am each day. Similar to what was done in 2010, the contractor will perform the work from the exterior vent so you are not required to be home when this work is going on.

The exterior dryer vent work will clean roughly 95% of the lint build-up in the venting conduit. In order to clean 100% of the conduit, Tri-State would need to access the interior of your unit (which is optional to you), access the backside of your dryer, disconnect it from the conduit, and clean from the interior to complete the entire conduit run. The Board has negotiated with Tri-State to perform this work but it will be the responsibility of the homeowner if you wish to have the remaining part of the conduit cleaned on that day. The exterior cost will be the responsibility of the Association. However, if you wish to have the interior work done, the cost for that service will be $15 and must be performed the same day the exterior work is being done and paid at that time. In order to have the interior work completed, you must call and schedule this
work directly with Tri-State by calling Jim Smith at 603.630.1225 prior to September 12th. You will also need to provide Tri-State access into your unit on that day to have the interior work completed.

The dryer vent cleaning is performed every other year by the Association, however, it is encouraged that on the opposite years the homeowner will continue with the annual cleaning. Once the cleaning is performed next week, the next time it will be performed by the Association will be in 2014. We suggest that any resident that requires a service professional to review the duct work within their unit to confirm that they no longer have
the “slinky” piping and are within code, you are welcome to call Tri-State Fire Protection at 603.630.1225 or Bob Mathouser at Enterprise Home Improvements at 603.765.7917. They will be happy to review your current piping and suggest alternatives to bring it up to code if not already within code.

Power Washing and Staining of Decks for Units 21, 24-48 – Beginning the week of Monday, September 17th and continuing for two (2) weeks, Marston Painting out of North Hampton, NH will be onsite to perform power washing services, mildew removal, and staining/waterproofing of the rear decks at units 21, 24-48. We ask the residents who live in units 21, 24-48 to remove everything from their rear decks no later than Sunday, September 16th in order to allow the painting company to access your decks. This would include any plantings on handrails, gates, bird feeders, etc. would have to be removed. If you need assistance removing items from your deck, please either call a neighbor to assist, a board member, or the management office and we will be happy to locate someone to assist you. If we have inclement weather during the project it will delay us so please be patient if you don’t see painting going on every day.

Insurance – The Board of Directors have approved a three-year locked master insurance rate program with Hub International. This is great news as we learn every day of the increases in insurance costs across the country. The Association will not only be able to control insurance costs for the next three years but also not be subject to the fluctuation of the market and possibly major cost increases. We were able to do this because of minimal to no claims record and strong financials over the past few years. We have enclosed some information regarding the master policy if you ever need a copy for refinancing or seller information. Contact information, question and answers are noted in the enclosure and feel free to contact Dan or Courtney or the Management Office at any ime if there are additional questions and answers not mentioned in the enclosure.

A few house housekeeping notes – The Association will have gutter cleaning (both sides f units and garages) performed early November/early December so please be aware of he notices that go around indicating the dates and time this will occur. The swimming pool will close the week of September 17th and pool tiles will be repaired soon thereafter. Window air conditioners need to be out of the windows no later than November 1.

If there are any questions to what is mentioned above, please feel free to call the Management Office at 603.868.1262.

Thank you!