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Concerns with Animal Waste at The Garrison

TO: Owners and Tenants Residing at The Garrison Condominiums
FROM: S.S. Maguire Management
DATE: April 3, 2013

To All Owners and Tenants:

Now that the snow is melting away and spring is around the corner, it has been observed and noted that there are several areas around the property where owners have not picked up after their dog and left their waste on the grass outside of the dog walk area. Areas behind units 29-35, behind units 50-62, the top of the hill across from unit 62, and behind units 12-20 are areas where we have observed dog waste on the grass and not picked up by the owners. Over the years we have sent out numerous correspondences to all residents to make sure they pick up after their dog at all times as well as bringing your pet to the Pet area when needed to go to the bathroom.

As our new landscaping company comes on board and begins performing the Spring clean-up and lawn maintenance for this season, it is essential that all residents of The Garrison participate and cooperate in bringing their pets to the dog walk area to perform its business. Picking up another unit owner dog waste from the lawn area is not the boards or management’s responsibility. The Pet area located near the entrance is the place where pets are to perform their business and waste discarded into the barrel that is provided in that area. In an effort to support the clean and healthy appearances of the property and to make sure the money we all pay in condo fees is being put to good use, we want to remind everyone to treat the property with care.

To help keep the grass as green as possible, it is important to keep your pets (or pets who may be visiting you) off any grassy areas on the way to the designated Pet Area. By doing this, we can encourage green grass and healthy plants and trees. There are numerous dogs living at the Garrison and many residents allow their dogs to stop and sniff each grassy area on the way to the Pet Area…and we all know what happens when a dog stops to sniff the grassy area…they usually feel compelled to leave a message to other dogs (in plain English, they urinate and defecate). As a result, we now have many unauthorized “pet areas”.

Because of this problem, pet owners will now be fined if pets are urinating and/or defecating on the grass on the way to the Pet Area. Please keep your pets on the road or sidewalk (not grass) until you reach the Pet Area. Any pet poop needs to be cleaned up and disposed of properly regardless of the location. In order to give people time to learn a new habit, enforcement will begin on Monday, April 15th, 2013. Please also remember to keep your pets leashed at all times when outside as the leash law is in effect.

We would like to thank you in advance for your cooperation and for doing your part to be a good neighbor by showing respect to the common grounds.

If you have any questions about this, please call Steve Miller of SS Maguire Management at (603) 828-1262 or e-mail him at