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Power Washing of Vinyl Siding and Staining of Decks on units 1-35 at The Garrison

To All Owners and Tenants:

Please be advised that beginning on Monday, September 8th through September 24th, Marston Painting out of North Hampton, NH will be onsite to perform the following services at The Garrison Condos:

  • Power Washing vinyl siding on units 1-35 which includes the front, back, gable ends of buildings and rear decks will begin on Monday, September 8th and run through Wednesday, September 10th (weather permitting)
  • Power washing of rear decks on units 1-35 which also includes the sanding of deck boards and staining of the deck, handrails, and deck stairs (it is crucial that these units owner remove all patio furniture prior to work commencing) will begin on Friday, September 12th and run through Wednesday, September 24th

The power washing of buildings and rear decks is projected to start on Monday, September 8th beginning at 8:00am and is expected to conclude by Wednesday, September 10th. It will take approximately 24-36 hours to begin the sanding, scraping, and staining of the decks after the decks are power washed to allow them to dry properly. We will sand, scrape, and apply two coats of stain to the decks. Once your deck has been stained after the second coat has been applied, you will not be able to use your deck for at least 48-72 hours.

We will begin at unit 1 and move numerically upwards to complete the work with the power washing beginning on Monday and try to get as much of units completed within those two days. Once the power washing is completed and decks are dry, we will then return on Friday to begin sanding and scraping the deck. Please note that we will be using two coats of exterior stain so there will be a time period between coats which you will not be allowed to step on the deck. All items on decks must be removed prior to the commencement of this project. Anything left on the deck during this project is the responsibility of the unit owner.

We will begin work while on site each morning by 8:00am (weather permitting) and expect the project to conclude on or before September 24th. It will be critical that all windows are closed during the power washing process to avoid any water from entering the unit. This is the unit owner’s responsibility. For those units having the decks stained, you will be notified by the painters in advance when they will be at your deck (typically the day before) so you are aware of their arrival. In addition, the unit owners having their decks stained will be responsible for removing all deck items prior to painters arriving. If you plan to go away during this time, please let your neighbor(s) or management aware but remove your items from the deck before work commences.

If weather plays a role in delaying any of the above mentioned projects the projects will roll into the next day but our goal is to complete the entire project no later than September 24th.

If there are any questions regarding these projects, please feel free to call the Management Office at 603.868.1262.

Thank you!

Special Meeting for Blacktop Replacement Project – August 26th

To All Owners and Tenants:

At the 2014 Annual Meeting which took place on April 8th, 2014, the Board of Directors presented to the residents who attended that it would be our goal to complete the remaining blacktop replacement in one phase rather than in multiple phases. There were several reasons explained on doing it in one phase rather than two which included less inconveniences to the residents, less costly now in one phase than it would be in future years and multiple phases, and the urgency to replace certain areas of blacktop due to severe disrepair. The consensus of those unit owners who attended agreed to have it done in one phase although it was agreed to determine how the project would be paid for and if there would be a special assessment to complete the project in one phase. Once the board was able to determine how the project would be financed, the Board would hold a Special Meeting with the unit owners this summer to discuss the cost of the project, how it will be financed, whether a special assessment would be required, and to get the necessary approvals from the unit owners to proceed forward with the project (per the by-laws the Board must receive a 67% majority approval from unit owners to spend any monies over $5,000 when it comes to a capital reserve project).

Since the date of the Annual meeting, the Board and Management have worked hard in obtaining proposals from local banking institutions to determine how this project can be financed and be completed in one phase. We were able to obtain these proposals and plan to present them to the unit owners at this Special Meeting that will be held on Tuesday, August 26th at 6:30pm at the pool.

Since we do have new owners at the property that are probably not familiar with what was discussed at the Annual Meeting and for those who did not attend the Annual Meeting, the Board plans to hold a Question and Answer session beginning at 6:30pm that same evening to answer any questions regarding this project. At 6:45pm, we plan to hold the voting for this project so we hope everyone can attend. For those who are not able to attend, we have included a Proxy to be submitted to Management prior to the meeting. For this who do plan on submitting a Proxy, it is essential that you appoint someone that will attend the meeting and a unit owner so they can vote on your behalf (if we receive a proxy and you do not appoint someone, then the proxy is useless and will not be accounted for towards the vote). Proxies can be mailed to S.S. Maguire Management located at P.O. Box 165, Hampton, NH 03843 or dropped off to any board member prior to the meeting.

In order to afford this project, the Board intends to receive a loan commitment of up to $130,000 to pay for this project and pay it back over a term of 5 or 10 years. We do not expect a special assessment to be assessed to unit owner but rather use the money that is being transferred from the operating to the reserves on a monthly basis and use a portion of that monthly transfer money to pay down the loan.

Please mark your calendars for Tuesday, August 26th at 6:30pm at the pool area to join us to discuss this project and receive your approval to move forward with the project. If the majority approvals are received and the project moves forward, it is our intention to begin this project in late September/early October of 2014.